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Our Community

Pilot Group

The Riva Primary School Pilot Group is made up of parent and community volunteers who meet regularly to provide input and perspective as we develop the school. Our Pilot Group represent a broad range of experiences and backgrounds, and, above all, have the interests of the students first and foremost in their advice and decisions. The Pilot Group meet at least monthly to formally keep the process of community engagement involved, visible, and valued, from the very first to last day.

Riva Primary School  Pilot Group Statement of Purpose and Meeting Protocol

Minutes of Pilot Group Meetings

Minutes of FSEPS (planning name) Pilot Group Meeting held 16th February 2021

Minutes of FSEPS (planning name) Pilot Group Meeting held 17th March 2021

Minutes of FSEPS (planning name) Pilot Group Meeting held 5th May 2021

Minutes of FSEPS (planning name) Pilot Group Meeting held 2nd June 2021

Minutes of FSEPS (planning name) Pilot Group Meeting held 28th July 2021

Minutes of Riva Primary School Pilot Group Meeting held 22nd September 2021

Community Consultation

The voice of our community is valued in our school. In addition to our Pilot Group who focus on supporting the overall direction of the school, numerous opportunities for consultation, engagement and ultimately, decision making will be made available to our community. Input will include surveys, online polls, public forums, and meet and greets in the community. The school is also open for your feedback and questions, through any of our channels. We want to hear your voice.

Community Forums

The school has held a community forum in each term of the year and has further events planned. Join the journey and keep up to date at our Facebook page, or drop us a line anytime at

Towards a School Board

As an Independent Public School, Riva will have the guidance and direction of a School Board, formed of up to fifteen members, with parents and community being in the majority. Nominations and expressions of interest for election to our School Board will be made in Term One of 2022.