Our School

Teaching and Learning

At Riva Primary School, our approach to teaching and learning is guided by differentiated and expert teaching and support.

The standards we set are consistent with the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline, WA Kindergarten Outline and the Early Years Learning Framework. Where applicable, we incorporate milestones from the ABLEWA Framework and parallel learning progressions for individuals, always with a clear pathway to progress and achievement.

Our pedagogical framework is a school-developed and integrated support which links standards through Universal Design for Learning, and Understanding by Design.

The features of our teaching and learning approach include:

  • Evidence-based practices
  • Multiple means and opportunities for representation, engagement, action and expression
  • Inquiry-based, engaging and motivating learning experiences
  • Explicit instruction, guided practice and support

Our Riva Pedagogy Atlas maps our approach to ensure high quality teaching and learning for every student at Riva Primary School, every day.