Our School

Our Values

Our community spent almost a full year of speaking, listening and learning, shaping the culture and values that we hold essential to the experience of all in our Riva community. For students, staff, families and the broader community, Riva will be known for and by our commitment to demonstrating Respect, Inclusion and Achievement at all times.

Respect is an attitude of honouring ourselves and others through our words and actions. Respect means treating every person with dignity and courtesy. We extend respect to ourselves, each other and our environment.

We understand that inclusion doesn’t come just from being invited, or simply turning up. Inclusion comes when every student has the same opportunities, but more importantly the lived experience of participation with support, of barriers being removed, for each student to enjoy, contribute and belong to their class group, with their peers.

At Riva, achievement is the confidence and satisfaction that we have done our best, given our best, in all that we do. Achievement is the sense of accomplishment when we can go that little further, higher, take the next step on our journey because of our effort and engagement.