Our Community


The Parents and Citizens Association shares a unique standing, being the only parent / community based organisation with the legislated recognition in support of schools and students. The P&C is a most tangible, valued and vital aspect of the partnership of our school, parents, students and wider community in raising funds for supplementary resources for the benefit of all children enrolled in the school.

As well as fundraising, the P&C create social connection, share expertise, help with events, and generate exciting initiatives for our students and community.

Office Bearers and Executive Committee

Mrs Julie Thompson President – Mrs Julie Thompson
Ms Dianne Carlshausen Vice President – Ms Dianne Carlshausen
Mr Scott Olney Treasurer – Mr Scott Olney
Mrs Jodie Van Der Zwan Secretary – Mrs Jodie Van Der Zwan
Mr Nigel Arnold
Mrs Cid Dare
Mrs Anupama Marydas
Mrs Bronwyn Muggeridge

Meeting Minutes 2022

Minutes of Riva P&C Meeting held Tuesday 25th October 2022

Minutes of Inaugural General Meeting held Monday 19th September 2022

Minutes of Riva P&C Meeting held Tuesday 21st June 2022

Minutes of Riva P&C Meeting held Tuesday 10th May 2022