Our Students

Inclusive Education

A good school for all

A guiding principle of a fair and just society is equality, and equity. All people having access and support. At Riva, we go a step further, with students having not just the opportunity, or the access to the support, differentiation, challenge and connection they need, but to structure our school to deliver support to students, instead of students to support.

Our approach to Inclusive education is comprehensive. Inclusion is not putting everyone together and treating them all the same, and it’s certainly not about having students in separate settings and treating them differently.

We’re systematically working on our environment, resources, curriculum, teaching, learning and support to meet student needs.

We get to know our students, and then develop their plans, with their goals, in partnership with families.

Support and professional services are delivered by our expert classroom teachers, inclusive education assistants, supplemented with our on-site speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and psychologist and network of allied professionals.

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