Our Students


Students from Pre-primary to Year 6 at Riva are members of one of our four sporting Factions.

Our faction colours and names were developed in consultation with our community during the school planning phase in 2021, and follow the theme of “Waters” – linking to our location in Piara Waters, as well as the Latin meaning of Riva, being “By the shore”.

Our factions are:

Argyle (Blue)

Located in the far North of WA, near the East Kimberley town of Kununurra, Lake Argyle is the largest freshwater reservoir in Australia, helping the desert bloom.




Beeliar (Green)

Beeliar is named for the wetlands, which are just one part of a diverse and vital network of lakes and more importantly, the Boodjar or Country of the Beeliar people of the Whadjuk Nation.



Nara (Purple)

Nara comes from Whadjuk Noongar to describe the Indian Ocean, running the length of Australia’s West Coast. While the ocean is at our border, Nara is also an ocean of connection, opportunity, and the backdrop to our world-famous sunsets.



Swan (Gold)

The Swan River is a place of significance, connection, trade and travel, both ancient and contemporary. Connecting from beyond the hills, through the city to the ocean, Noongar people believe the path of the Swan is thought to resemble the body of the Wagyl, a snakelike being from the Dreamtime.