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Interm Swimming 2024

Interm Swimming lessons for Pre-primary to Year 6 students
Interm swimming is a school-based swimming program for children from Pre-primary to Year 6, providing quality swimming lessons to ensure children develop vital swimming and water safety skills. Interm swimming forms part of our school curriculum, with all Pre-primary to Year 6 classes scheduled for lessons.

Due to the size of our school, we have 3 series of lessons booked for this year, with classes allocated as follows:

Series A – Tuesday 4th June – Friday 14th June (9 days), State Swim Canning Vale
LA1.1, LA1.6, LA1.7, LA1.8, LA2.1, LA2.3, LA3.1, LA3.2.1, LA6.4, LA4.5, LA4.2

Consent and enrolment form for Series A

Information for parents for Series A


Series B – Monday 17th June – Thursday 27th June (9 days), State Swim Canning Vale
LA1.2, LA1.3, LA1.9, LA2.2, LA2.4, LA3.2, LA3.4, LA3.2.2, LA3.2.3, LA3.2.4, LA4.3

Consent and enrolment form for Series B


Series C – Monday 19th August – Friday 23rd August (5 days, double lessons), Cockburn ARC
LA4.1, LA6.1, LA6.2, LA6.3, LA5.1, LA5.2