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Interm Swimming

All pre-primary to Year 6 students are invited to participate in a 9 lesson series of Swimming Lessons.

Swimming is scheduled in two separate series:

SERIES A – Monday 23rd May – Thursday 2nd June 2022

Daily lessons for students /classrooms: LA1.1 (PP), LA1.3 (PP), LA2.3

(1), LA3.1 (1/2), LA3.2.3 (3/4), LA4.2 (4/5), LA4.1 (5/6).

Information about Series A

SERIES B – Tuesday 7th June – Friday 17th June 2022

Daily lessons for students / classrooms: LA1.2 (PP), LA2.4 (PP), LA2.2 (1), LA3.2 (2),

LA3.2.1 (2/3), LA3.2.2 (3).


Parent consent, Interm Swimming Enrolment and payment are required for student participation.

Please access the information and registration forms and information here.

Series A Session overview and parent information